Raman Spectroscopy

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Raman Spectroscopy


(주) 나노베이스 사의 XperRam200 series를 2019년도 중 하반기에 구축할 예정입니다.


XperRam200VN Confocal Raman Imaging System
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•  Excellent Resolution  •  Outstanding Repeatability
•  High throughput using Holographic Transmissive Grating

•  Multiple lasers (3 free space lasers + fiber coupled lasers)

•  Capable of PL/EL/Photocurrent measurement mode/ FLIM

•  Extendable / Customizable

•  200µm x 200µm Image fast Scanning & 2D Mapping (x 40 objective)

•  Cover wide wavelength range (VIS-NIR)

• Laser Scanner
  - Excellent resolution & repeatability

        resolution < 0.02 um & repeatability < 0.1 µm.

  - Large area Raman imaging

        scan area exceeding 200 x 200 µm using a 40X, NA=0.75 objective
  - Diffraction limited laser spot- over the scan area


• Lens based VPHG spectrometer

  - High efficiency and small polarization dependence can be achieved using  Holographic Transmissive Grating


• Average mode

  - High Speed in averaging mode – Acquire a single Raman spectrum over the 200 x 200 µm area in just 4 seconds

  - Minimum CCD readout-noise - CCD acquires one Raman spectrum while the laser scans over the area, thus reducing the CCD readout-noise greatly compared to conventional 2D Raman mapping method.

  - Useful for quick quantitative analysis of the analytes on thin samples - thin films or nanoparticles on a glass slide


• Modular design (options)
  - Fiber coupled laser port
  - Snap-in Raman filter set for different wavelength

  - Excitation & collection polarizer
  - Low frequency Raman filter set (down to 10 cm-1)
  - NIR optic set for laser scanner (700 ~ 1000 nm)